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Old Man Winter

We got a visit from a little man this morning here in Beverly Hills…but it wasn’t from that Jolly Old St. Nick bearing gifts of good tidings….I should only be that lucky.

Old Man Winter arrived with a FIERCE greeting.  As I was walking past my trusty thermometer I noticed that the outside temp said 14.0 – and I immediately thought to myself “Huh, must have gotten changed to Celsius”.  As I went to fix it I noticed that tiny little F next to the numbers.  And immediately another F went through my mind.

With the exception of Christmas, I really do strongly dislike winter.  (I’d say HATE but that’s such a strong word…)

Instead of Old Man Winter, I really wish that Little St. Nick would have arrived wearing Bermuda shorts and sunglasses and drinking a margarita.  Just saying.



1 thought on “Old Man Winter”

  1. Love it. I am the complete opposite. I love winter. I love having snow outside my window and sitting with a glass of tea and reading a good book. 🙂 Stay inside, stay warm and have some tea for me!!

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