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The Author Within?

I have been reading memoirs lately…and I can’t help but feel a little inspired to write one myself.  Do I have it in me – to tell my story?  The whole honest brutal truth.  The good, the bad, the ugly and the even uglier?  I think I just might.  I have some tales to share…more than just what happens in Beverly Hills…Michigan.

As I was cleaning out the basement, I came across a binder of stories that I wrote for my Vampires and Werewolves class in college.  Yes, that was an actual class – before the mega-hit Twlight was even a glimmer in Stephanie Meyer’s mind. Before Edward and Bella, Jacob and his werewolf band of brothers, there was little ole me, listening to the teachings of my German professor about the legends  and drafting short stories.  And ya know what?  Even though they were penned by an amatuer author (myself, of course) they weren’t half bad.  Granted they aren’t anything that would make the New York Times Bestseller List…but still I managed to earn some decent grades on them.  Maybe what I am trying to say is that I do have the ability to write entertaining stories.  And that it might be time to actually put some stuff down on paper.

What do y’all think?  Crazy?

Maybe so, but then again maybe not…




5 thoughts on “The Author Within?”

  1. I think you should go for it! And then self-publish on Amazon. And then ask me to co-write the screenplay of the movie adaptation. And then we’ll be nominated for an Oscar and I’ll have designers fighting each other to design my flowy, sparkly dress. I don’t even care if we win the Oscar. I just want the dress.

    1. All names will be changed to protect
      the innocent and the not so innocent. But I will let you pick who plays you in the blockbuster box office hit. Deal?

  2. I’ve always adored your writing – though sporatic – and do think you have a gift. Please do write an memoir.

    Besides that, I’d love it if you would email me your faves. I OBSESS over memoirs. Yes, I have read the usual ones…….Sedaris….Burroughs…….Walls………..need some new material. The more f%cked up, the better.

    My memoir will come out soon enough. It’s the only way to somehow match the inheritance my parents are holding from b/c due to their distaste for me, as a person. I figure the $$ I make from the book will equal or surpass what they left my other 5 siblings.

    Shit. This is kind of a memoir in itself.

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