Packed Up the U-Haul and Moved From Beverly Hills….(or where has Life In Beverly Hills Been for 3 years)

I always get a good chuckle from wandering through old blog posts.  There was a time when LIBH was my outlet for sarcasm, for venting, for human contact, for sharing the crazy positions I found naked Barbies in.  I don’t think any of the blogs I used to follow, over there on the right, exist anymore.  It was the hip thing for a long time.  Mommy blogging.

As my kids napped and I sipped away at that socially acceptable late afternoon Mommy Cocktail, I wrote. And rewrote.  And edited.  And posted about my life.  The little snippets I thought were funny and I wanted to share. And I waited….for comments. For reaction.  Stalking the number of views on my page.

This was before the world became overly obsessed with likes and tags and hashtags and snapchat and Instagram.   Before our president used 140 characters to set policy on a regular basis.  I’ll admit, Facebook as taken over as my outlet for the most part.  But I need more….I don’t vent my anger, air my dirty laundry, or use profanity on Facebook.  It just isn’t ladylike.  But here…well that’s a different story.

It was always sort of anonymous here.  In Beverly Hills. But that was before Beverly Hills relocated a little east.  There is nothing to hide here…the curtains are always open.

Not everyone gets a fresh start to get things right the second time around. But Beverly Hills did.  It wasn’t without pain.  It wasn’t without heartache.  It wasn’t without bumps along the road.   But there are lessons learned along the way that should be shared.  Victories to be celebrated.  And some failures that may help someone else who may be on the same journey I am, but perhaps a few steps behind.

Pull up a chair, grab a beverage, and sit back to enjoy the ride.


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