Stranger Danger

I talk to strangers.


And I talk to little kids and pet dogs I encounter.


It brings joy to my life.  And sometimes maybe a little sparkle to someone else’s day.

I was thinking about this while I was on my (almost) daily lunchtime jaunt around the neighborhood.   I encounter all types of people, moms with strollers, elderly couples holding hands, dog-walkers.  I always offer a smile and a nod.  Sometimes I get an acknowledgement.  Often times, I don’t.

In the checkout line at Target I am known to play peek-a-boo with babies and make small talk about the weather with the cashier.

We are a dog-friendly office, and stopping to pet a furry friend is a great way to meet somebody new.

I realized while I was out today, that I need human contact.  I need that connection.  And I think a lot of us do.  But don’t know how to go about it.  I used to have a lot of insecurity in unknown situations.  Social angst.  I had fear of being rejected.  Until one day I didn’t.  I found myself asking more people how their days are going.  Or what weekend plans they have.  It catches people off guard.  What I have found is most people will answer.  Graciously.

And for those that don’t, I no longer take offense.  Not everyone is built to talk to strangers.

But I am.

Give it a go.  Because you never know whose life you might touch with a daily dose of friendly.



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