A little about moi….

Hey everyone – just a little note about myself – I am a Stay At Home Mom living in Beverly Hills.  Sound glam?  Well, that’s Beverly Hills MI and not the infamous 90210.  We moved here from another suburb of Metro Detroit in August 2007.

I have to admit that I was seriously addicted…to blogging that is – so what better thing to do than start one of my own.  I am keeping it semi-anonymous….just because you never know who might be reading.  😉

I have a wonderfully amazing daughter, Avery, 10,  and a rockin’ dude, Carson, who is 6 .   We spent 5 years in TX (Dallas and McAllen)…and moved back to the cold frozen north in 2005.  Sometimes I seriously wonder why…but that’s another story for another day.

I love sharing our crazy life with the blogging world.  There’s always a story to be told…so read on!



I packed up the truck and moved FROM Beverly Hills.  Just a little east, that is.  Wanna know more?  Just follow along….


11 thoughts on “A little about moi….”

  1. My wife and I live in Dearborn. We were thinking of moving to Beverly Hills. What do you think of the area? What are the pros/cons of the area?

  2. Jeff – we love the area. One of the biggest reasons we chose BH is b/c of the schools. We wanted our daugher in B’ham schools…the taxes are a little higher here b/c of that but not nearly as high as in B’ham itself. There are a ton of great real estate deals in the area as well – unfortunately in this market that’s everywhere. There is a mix of age ranges as well. Seems that our street has lots of people our age with younger kids and then we also have a couple across the street from us that has lived there for 40+ years. I have yet to find any cons to living here – well maybe one – with all of the trees in the area we have a TON of leaves to rake in the fall. 🙂 Let me know if you have any other questions! Good luck!

  3. Too funny how I stumbled on your blog. You’re a hoot! And a neighbor to boot! We live in Royal Oak… I actually just started my first blog today (and haven’t posted it yet) Can’t wait to read more about your trials and tribulations…and the haircut. I say go for it…you can always grow it back. (This comes from a current ponytail wearing just grew my very short curly frizzball out) 🙂

  4. Oh thanks so much! We used to live in RO when we first moved back from TX. My Hubby grew up there. I’m so glad you stopped by – you are the 2nd RO resident I have met through here. Let me know when you have your blog up and running, I would love to check it out!

  5. What a fun read! We just moved to Beverly Hills, and I’m having a great time reading about all your life happenings. (Btw, is the contaminated pool nearby?)

  6. I absolutely love your blog name! I am in southern california so it grabbed my attention, i did not know there was a bh in michigan!

    I thought you may want to know about the official bitch day where you can vent about anything you want to in life!

    Its on October 1, 2008 hosted by Fabulously40, but it is for women of all ages!! I hope to see you there because I know the women would love to hear what you have to say : )

    Check it out and let me know your thoughts! http://fabulously40.com/letsbitch

  7. Just out of curiosity’s sake, I was searching for Beverly Hills, MI history and I found your blog. So which came first, California BH or Michigan BH?

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