All About Me

Here it is – POST 103

103 Things about me…….are you ready?  You might be surprised….or maybe not….but at least you can stop holding your breath waiting for my next post.  🙂  Thanks for keeping the faith…


1.  I LURVE beauty products – especially really expensive ones – even though I can’t afford them

2.  I used to sell Mary Kay (see #1)

3.  I have been in love more than once

4.  I have had my heart borken more than once

5.  I am not a virgin (DUH)

6.  I used to live in Little Elm, TX and it was my favorite place in the world

7.  I don’t talk to my family – much

8.  When I was pg with Avery I ate a Big Mac and 20 nuggets almost EVERY DAY – til I discovered Sonic’s chili fries – almost as good as a coney island…

9.  I have an unabashed love affair with food

10.  Italian food is my favorite – gimme lots of pasta with a yummy cream sauce, please!  But wait I also love Chinese food – gimme Almond Chicken, lo mein and a good old fried egg roll – YUM! 

11.  5 am is my favorite  time of the day – when it’s just me, the morning news and a good cup of coffee

12.  I am an only child

13.  I am terrible with money

14.  I swam with sharks in Tahiti

15.  I get seasick (learned that in Tahiti too)

16.  My daughter is the light of my life (this should be #1)

17.  Sometimes I find life too complicated

18. I am NOT a drama queen – even though everyone thinks I am

19.  I get along with my mother in law

20.  In high school I was a Stallionette (Michelle will know what that means)

21.  I took tap dancing for 15 years

22.  The movie I have seen the most in my life has to be When Harry Met Sally

23.  I think Dr. McDreamy is H.O.T.

24.  I am addicted to TV and can’t wait for the shows to start in the fall

25.  The last movie I saw in the theater was Mama Mia – great chick flick

26.  Secretly I listen to Hannah Montana (Avery loves it – the music, not the show)

27.  The Cure is my all time favorite band (B52s are a close second, though)

28.  I speak German

29.  I have been to Germany 2x – once in HS and then for a semester in college

30.  I have never skinny dipped before

31.  My hair hasn’t been it’s natural color since 1991

32.  I am an Alpha Phi

33.  At one time, I wanted to be a teacher but that didn’t work out

34.  My first job (besides babysitting) was at McDonald’s just before graduation

35.  My face gets puffy and splotchy when I cry

36.  I love to take pictures but I am terrible at it

37.  My birthday is September 14

38.  I am adopted (shit, did I already mention that?)

39.  I have 2 dogs and one cat

40.  I want to lose 15 pounds (Operation Skinny Bitch – here I come)

41.  I drive a Pontiac Vibe

42.  I am writing this at 3:30 in the morning – b/c I PROMISED it would get posted today

43.  Last night I went to bed at 9:30 – I’m tired

44.  I love to scrapbook

45.  I know how – and like to do – counted cross stitch

46.  My last job sucked

47.  I wax my eyebrows – I really need to get that done again soon

48.  Monkeys are probably my favorite animal

49.  My eyes are hazel and change color all of the time

50.  I love having time to myself

51.  PS I love you is one of my favorite books – you should read it before seeing the movie

52.  I think I read every Sweet Valley High book when I was 13 – I SO wanted to be those twins!

53.  I still haven’t decided who I am going to vote for in November

54.  I love celebrity gossip

55.  I am addicted to Lean Cuisine flatbreads – esp the Chicken Philly

56.  I am not a gym bunny but I like to work out

57.  I am a pretty good cook – thanks to Rachael Ray

58.  Speaking of cooking I have so many cookbooks that my shelf fell down in the kitchen

59.  I’m tired of trying to think of more things to say about me, I am going back to bed.  😉

60.  I own a vibrator (bet you didn’t see that one coming)  Before you think any less of me, it was a prank gift…but funny nonetheless

61.  I put potato chips inside my PB&J sandwiches

62.  I make my bed every morning

63.  Sometimes at night, I sit next to Avery’s bed and watch her sleep

64.  I’ve had a one night stand – a REALLY long time ago

65.  I once lied to my MIL about being allergic to mushrooms – first time I went to their house for dinner.  Years later – after her freaking out whenever I touched a mushroom – we finally told her the truth – I just don’t like mushrooms

66.  I really didn’t have much fun at my senior prom

67.  I love football – I can spend all day during football season drinking beer and yelling at the TV

68.  I love the Red Wings too….

69.  I did internet dating before I met Hubby

70.  I never took gym class in school (thanks for being on a varsity “sport” – ahem – the dance team)  Now you all know what a Stallionette is…

71.  I was in the band – I played the clarinet and the oboe in junior high

72.  I got a C in band in high school – I think it was b/c I wasn’t IN the marching band

73.  I failed French in college – the teacher didn’t like that I answered every question in German.  Oops.

74.  I feel guilty for spending so much time on the computer during the day

75.  A good hairday or good makeup day is a big PLUS in my life

76.  I almost never wear lipstick, b/c I hate having to reapply it

77.  I’m 5’4

78.  My closet and drawers are so messy that I can never find anything!

79.  I love shoes (but I can’t compare with LLL!)

80.  I have strange wartlike bumps on my thumb – I have no idea where they came from

81.  I own clothes that range from a size 4 to a size 16 all in my closet  – please reference item 78

82.  I have every intention of cleaning the basement – someday

83.  I hate cleaning toilets

84.  My dishwasher always needs emptying…or so it seems

85.  I was once attacked by a redwinged black bird at the beach

86.  I love the first snow of the year – usually around the end of September (ha) but I hate snow in February

87.  My favorite holiday is Christmas – I love to decorate

88.  I (well Hubby) fries our turkey for Thanksgiving

89.  I make awesome mashed potatoes (not mashed cauliflower)

90.  My Christmas cards are usually ready to mail by Dec 1, and they are all hand signed, but I admit I use address labels – except this past year I finally did a photo card

91.  I didn’t have my first jello shot until I was 33

92.  I played softball when I was in elementary school – I sucked and they put me in the outfield – b/c no 10 y/o can hit that far

93.  I got my ears pierced when I was 6

94.  My wedding day was absolutely perfect

95.  I went to Paris on my honeymoon

96.  I can’t sing for shit but I LOVE to sing – yep I am one of THOSE people

97.  I have half of my MBA finished…don’t know when I’ll get around to the second half

98.  I love getting massages – the kind at a spa with a darkened room and yummy smelling candles burning

99.  I once had my eyelashes dyed – don’t know what the hell I was thinking – and I don’t recommend it

100.  I have been to Stillwater OK more times then I can count – it’s a beautiful drive from Dallas – and to Texarkana TX too…

101.  I am having the best time with my blog – when I get off my ass and actually post!  😉

102.  In October I am going to GA – Columbus here I come – watch out!!!! 

103.  FINALLY – I am completely relieved that I was able to come up with 103 little tidbits for y’all – cuz if I would have saved this for my 104th post – I’d be S.O.L – I’ve got nothing more…