The first half of the celebration….

After a breakfast of champions – at least to a 3 y/o – which consisted of chocolate covered donuts and mini marshmellows…we trekked off to get her picture taken at Sears.  They came out great and once I figure out how to link them here, I will.  

Hubby has decided to grill something and he has offered to pick up the stuff we need.  YUM!  The chocolate cake (like she needs more) is in the oven.  We also stopped for some party supplies @ Target.  She couldn’t decide on a “theme” so we have Elmo hats, Dora napkins and Hello Kitty plates.  She is definitely a girly girl – can’t make up her mind!


I think she has finally fallen asleep on the sofa so I can go outside and wrap her present.  We got her the cottage and while we thought we were going to get the floor model, they had one in the box so we brought that one home.  We are going to let her unwrap it and then Daddy is going to assemble it.  Well – that’s if she sleeps off the chocolate buzz….and my ILs are coming over to help us celebrate.