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Huh? Are you stuck in the 80s?

After Shannie’s post about big bad 80s hair I was shocked to learn, on CNN no less, that there are professional air guitarists…and a national champion to boot.  Hello people – it’s 2008 not 1988 (which all of the pros look liked they stepped out of).  Why oh why are the 80s styles making a comeback?  Wasn’t it bad enough to live through the first time?  Next thing I know I will see teenagers pegging their jeans and wearing those god awful Bass shoes with the laces knotted instead of tied.  I could cry – seriously.  Music is one thing, but fashion?  Come on people!


And how exactly do you become a professional air guitarist?  Do you get paid for it?  If so, I want to be a pro headbanger….think I could get paid too?