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The Great Debate

It’s about bathing suits…and which one to wear.


We are going to the local pool today with a group of moms and their munchkins.  I just poured my first cup of coffee and I am trying to decide if I should wear what I affectionately call my “fat suit”  – a bathing suit that is a couple sizes too big but there is no chance of seeing cellulite or having a muffin top – or do I dare to wear my cute little (well not so little really) suit with the boy shorts?  I do have the perfect pair of pink flip flops that go with this suit – but I am a little self conscious when I wear it.   Oh the dilema! 


I also have to pack a big bag full of stuff and figure out how to sneak in lunch for Avery (I personally will be drinking a slimfast).  I refuse to pay half the national debt for snacks while at the pool – I already got suckered in at the zoo for that!


Wish me luck!  Oh – did I mention I am down 1.5 pounds so far this week?  Whoo hoo!


ETA:  Two things – I decided on the fat suit – only because when  I put the other on – it was a little small.  I’ve never really been truly comfortable in that suit.  And I really need to clean out my clothes – there is no reason to keep clothes that are 3 sizes too big in my drawer.  No wonder I can’t find ANYTHING in my drawers or closet.  Duh!