Sick Day

I am calling in sick to life today…well not really.  My little germ carrier (Avery) gave me a very nasty cold.  Nothing is clearing it up and the (TMI) drainage is upsetting my stomach – again.   At first I thought it was a sinus infection but I don’t think so.   But I can’t hardly open my eyes…I must look a frightful sight right now.   And no amount of makeup can improve this face this morning. 


I got NO, ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH sleep last night…Hubby had to leave very early for work, so I crawled back into bed.  Drifted off – and in the distance…little footsteps.  Yep – she was up at 6am. 


Luckily I switched her preschool day from tomorrow to today – so she will get dropped off at 8am, and I am coming back home to sleep.


ETA:  Am I speaking a foreign language?  I know I am congested but I really think I am still speaking English, right?  I just said at least 15 times in a row “Avery, please don’t touch the buttons (on the fax machine)”…yet she continued to do it.  I finally unplugged the damn thing.  Shannie – I know what you are going through.