And for once I am not talking about the mayor…


I think I have officially corrupted Avery – my precious 3 year old.  I heard a Hannah Montana song on the radio one day (See You Again) and I thought it would be fun to put it on my IPOD.  I played it once for her and she has dubbed “The Kitten Hannah Montana” song.  We listen to it over and over in the car.


One day – she started singing the words – with the song.  I think we have listened to it too much.  But yet, I encouraged it – so I could get it on video.  I can’t upload video to this blog (I am too cheap to pay for an upgrade) so you’ll have to watch it on my Dropshots page. 


Enjoy the show! 


WARNING:  This video is kind of long but it’s funny….and it’s the only one on there so you can’t miss it