Life in General

Beef – it’s what’s for dinner

I really don’t have much to say today – which is unusual since generally I NEVER shut up. 


Went to the gym this morning after dropping Avery at preschool.  Jumped on the elliptical with my headphones on…and this hairy old guy gets on the machine next to me.  Now I am about 15 or so minutes into my hour – and just hitting my stride.  And he wants to chat.  Hello????  What part of headphones ON suggests and I want to chit chat?  I hate to be mean but I don’t use the gym as my social outlet.  I go there to sweat my ass off, listening to loud obnoxious music and then I leave.  I am NOT a gym bunny – I don’t claim to spend 3 hours at the gym, only 20 of which are working out and the rest is spent flirting with all of the personal trainers.  Please leave me alone.


Then I came home and in a Betty Crocker moment, baked 3 loaves of Zucchini bread.  Some with nuts, some without. 


And the title – that’s because I am making beef – flank steak to be exact – and some parmesan zucchini strips for dinner.  What’s with the zucchini – a friend gave me a TON from her garden.  I need to use it or lose it. 


Other than that, I did nothing today.  Nada, zip, zilch.


But tomorrow I have to put on a bathing suit – now I am sure I will have a story or two then!