Dieting Diaries

Hey Bitches

Now don’t go thinking I am calling my friends BITCHES – It’s a shout out to my pals over at Operation Skinny Bitch – we are rocking the scales!!!


Wouldn’t it be fun to see – at the end of round one – how much we have lost as a group??????


Keep up the awesome work!!!  YOU KICK ASS!!!


On a side note – I have been reading about the Couch to 5K program – but the problem there is I DO NOT RUN.  I don’t jog, hell, I barely speed walk.  Closest I ever came is a painfully embarassing season of track in 8th grade.  Give me an elliptical any day of the week…but for those of you that are ambitious and are giving it a shot – YOU GO GIRLFRIENDS!


On to week 3….