All About Me, Avery

Conversation with a 3 y/o old and other random thoughts

Yesterday we had planned to attend a concert series at the zoo with some friends.  I was using that as an ultimatium for good behavior while running 10,001 errands.  It looked like rain so I was trying to call the zoo and find out if the event was rain or shine.  Avery has a 6th sense for when I am on the phone and yells at the top of her lungs ‘MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY I’M TRYING TO TALK TO YOU”  Following this incident  Little Misbehavin’ and I had the following conversation:

ME:  Avery, why were you yelling at Mommy?

Avery: Because you weren’t paying attention to me. 

ME:  Well, I was trying to find out going to the zoo.

Avery: I am going by myself and you can stay home.  You were not a good listener.

ME:  How are you going to get there without me?

Avery (after a long pause):  Well, I am not bigger for driving yet.  You have a point, Mommy.  It’s ok if you go but you have to stay in the car when we get there.


I just hung my head – I had no response for that.  We ended up not going b/c our entire afternoon went right down the shitter.  But that’s ok.




I used bubble gum flavored pink Princess tooth paste this morning because Hubby took the tube of “big people” toothpaste.  That stuff tastes like shit.




I like wearing blue toenail polish.  I don’t care if anything else thinks otherwise.




It’s ok to drink white wine with ice cubes in it.  Again – I don’t care what anyone else thinks.




I am totally addicted to Lean Cuisine Chicken Philly Flatbreads.  YUMMY!




I have realized I am not crazy and I love all of my bloggie friends.  You help me keep my head above water.