Life in General

I remember

…exactly where I was 7 years ago today.  We were living in Texas…just moved into our new house.  I was sitting in the drive thru at the bank – b/c they opened at 7:30am.  And listening to my favorite morning show on the radio.  And the first plane struck.  I immediately called my mom (living in MI) and she had heard too.


Then I went to work and sat in a conference room to watch.


And finally they sent us home and I stared at the TV for hours on end.  How could this happen????


My parents had a thing about celebrating 1/2 year wedding anniversaries…they always went to dinner or did something special.  Because we moved 1 month after our wedding, we had to eat the top layer of our wedding cake before leaving.  Sept 11, 2001 was our 1st half year anniverary and I had ordered a small wedding cake to surprise Hubby.  My goodness looking back this is just so insignificant compared to what happened on that day and we never did celebrate…………..and haven’t since.  I didn’t even pick up the cake. 


To all of the people out there that lost someone on that day, my thoughts and prayers are with you.