All About Me

For the first time in my life…

I got pulled over on my way home from the store.  I sorta rolled through a stop sign.  Oops.  And then the cop started giving me a hard time since I had Avery in the car with me.  I couldn’t find my proof of insurance or registration b/c people (not myself) let Avery play with my car and wallet.  Nothing is where it’s supposed to be…so he took a better approach – told me to stop for stop signs and get the hell out of there.  I think I drove 5 MPH below the speed limit the rest of the way home. 


Oh and in the backseat Avery is telling the cop that I hit something with my car.  NO I DIDN’T!!!!  The cop says “Hey sounds like she’s ratting you out back there”.  And if she wouldn’t have been asking me Why every time I spoke a sentence, I might have been concentrating a little better on how I was driving.  As soon as I pulled into the driveway, I located both items.  Phew!


Is it too early for drink?  I am still shaking.