All About Me, Avery

The Mall

Not far from where I live, there is a very nice upscale mall.  It used to be the mall I didn’t want to go to as a kid b/c there was no toy store, no running area, no food court.  Then several (maybe 5 or so) years ago, they built another mall across the street and connected it with a skywalk over the road.  The “new” side has some upscale stores but also your garden variety mall stores.


Last night I talked hubby into going to the mall with me.  I had a thing for a free pair of undies from VS.  I took Avery and he met us there.  I haven’t been into the mall in FOREVER.  It was wonderful…shoes, makeup, clothes.  I just wandered, I must have looked like a tourist.   We had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen (YUM – and not good for OSB)…


Then Hubby had to leave to pick up his sunglasses.  Well, I had to get mine fixed and I dropped them off and Avery and I went walking.  That’s where the *fun* ended…


Went to Origins and then spent $2.50 on a cookie from Mrs. Fields (b/c I forgot it was next to Origins).  She rode the escalators well…that’s a plus.  But stopping to look at shoes – NIGHTMARE.  Forever 21 had a really cute shirt that I was looking at – and behind me Avery is in the window undressing the mannequins.   We had to leave – immediately.   Oh, did I mention that everyone at CPK saw my new undies b/c she pulled them out of the bag and held them up?


And she was asleep before we got out of the parking lot. 


I needed a beer after that trip.