Too Good Not to Post

michigan boobies


Yes, I live in Michigan and Yes, I have boobies.  Growing ones, thanks to the hormones.  But if you’re looking for a date – try eharmony or ok?  Don’t come here looking for Michigan Boobies.  You might also try 8 mile – I hear there’s lots of nudie girls over there too.


Caylee Anthony

Have you heard about this?  A 22 y/o mother has a 3 y/o that went missing 5 weeks ago.  She didn’t alert the police until a couple days ago b/c she was conducting her own investigation.


I saw her on the news today – and she showed absolutely no emotion regarding her daughter.  The family has now set up a myspace page about her.  They live in FL – please take a look at it.  It breaks my heart that someone could be so careless with another human being who is completely dependent on you.